Leksand Church Choir 

Leksand church choir

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Leksand Church

On the bluff that the water of lake Siljan has to round to flow into the river Dalälven, the Leksand church is situated. It has for Sweden, an unusual look. A church has been there for at least 700 years and the cape was a scene of cult even earlier. As the congregation grew, the church was rebuilt four times until 1709, when a thunderstorm lit fire to the roof and the 83 m high spire. The bells were not damaged since after a fire in 1627, had been moved to a newly built bell tower, where they are still hanging. Despite war and poverty, however, money was collected for repairs and the church got its unique look; a square church with five naves and with a high roof crowned by an onion-shaped spire. Today, parts of the wall from the 14th century stone church are included in the present one had the bricks from the old spire were used to build the church choir of today.


The last extension of the church took place in 2008 with a room for gathering in connection with the services, clearly separated from the older parts. The church has two organs. In the choir there is a baroque-inspired instrument with two manuals and on the western organ loft a romantic organ built by E.A. Setterquist 1895 and with a facade drawn by Agi Lindegren. The organ underwent a criticized refurbishment and extension in 1954, but will be restored and supplemented. At the same time, the pipes from 1954 are adapted to the romantic organ's sound.