Leksand Church Choir 

Leksand church choir

Concerts i portugal 2019


Welcome to midsummer in Dalarna. Here is midsummer when it is at its best, with all that is associated with traditional midsummer celebration. Around Siljan some of Sweden's largest and most famous celebrations are also organized. Midsummer in Leksand gathers between 20,000-30,000 visitors to Sammilsdal, where the garlanded maypole is erected. Of course, it all ends with the ring dance to the violin music of the fiddlers. There are a variety of celebrations in villages and resorts around Dalarna. Mora, Orsa and Rättvik all have their celebrations. The days before and after midsummer each village or even town part organize their own midsummer celebrations. So it's just to choose the one that suits you best - or maybe visit several. Midsummer in Dalarna is an experience out of the ordinary. Here, tradition, culture, joy, warmth and music fit into a lovely mix.