Leksand Church Choir 

Leksand church choir

Concerts i portugal 2019


Leksand is a small municipality of 15,000 inhabitants. It is located in Sweden's middle inland in the county of Dalarna (Dalecarlia), about three hours by train from Stockholm. The landscape is hilly and consists of large, wide forests with a plethora of wildlife as well as a variety of lakes. Leksand lies at the southern end of Sweden's seventh largest lake, Siljan. It is a central town with about five thousand inhabitants.  Leksand and the surroundings around Siljan are deeply rooted in Sweden's old farmer culture in a much different way than the rest of the country. 

Costumes, languages, building culture, music have survived relatively undisturbed far into modern times. This, in combination with the beautiful landscape, the clean and healthy environment, and the reputation of the inhabitants as reliable and capable, have drawn people from all over Sweden and other parts of Europe to our regions ever since the mid-nineteenth century. Artists, writers - as well as the royal family - have considered Leksand and the neighborhood around Siljan as obvious destinations.

Even today, much of the old culture is alive even though we are an integral part of a modern society. 

Tourism is still an important industry, for example through the beautiful and picturesque hotel environment in Tällberg with its fantastic views over Siljan and its ancient buildings. You can also try experience this in one of the nearly one hundred small villages that still look like they have done for centuries. Large numbers of families with children and others with childish minds every summer come to Summerland, an amusement park which is considered by many to be Sweden's foremost.   

It is impossible to talk about Leksand without mentioning ice hockey. Ever since the late nineteenth century, Leksand has had an ice hockey team that distinguished itself as one of the foremost in the country, which of course has attracted great enthusiasm among the inhabitants. Even today, there is an ice hockey team in Leksand at the elite level and during the winter months large crowds sometimes even travel a long way to take part in spectacular entertainment. The team is also appreciated throughout Sweden. Their supporter club is the country's second largest.