Leksand Church Choir 

Leksand church choir

Concerts i portugal 2019

Leksand Church Choir is an anicient choir.

Our choir was founded in 1889, 130 years ago! Before the real start a mixed choir had performed at various occasions like at the 250 year memorial of the death of king Gustav II Adolph 1882 or at the 400 year memory of Martin Luther’s birth, 1883.

Our choir has a rich history and development. To mention a few details the real beginning was when Gustaf Manfred Wallgren got the position as organist at Leksand church. He developed the singing in such a way that when the well known composer Hugo Alfvén heard the choir, an important musical development for Dalecarlia and the whole of Sweden started. Alfvén made arrangements for the choir of well-known folk tunes. 1904 Alfvén collected singers from all around lake Siljan to form a large choir. The two choirs had frequent invitations to sing  at important occasions like jubilees or national or international conferences.